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In Outlook/Gmail, Fyxer AI organizes your inbox, drafts responses, and selects calendar slots. Getting started takes 2 minutes, no training or payment cards are required.

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Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar

AI Expert at Exponential View, Harvard

Trusting new tech is a significant step, even for someone like me. The team at Fyxer have been very thoughtful, creating it so it can’t do anything without your approval like sending or deleting.

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray

Founder at Heights, Secret Leaders

I was initially skeptical due to how little I’ve used past AI tools, but Fyxer AI is amazing. I’m rarely writing my own emails.

Maya Moufarek

Maya Moufarek

MD at Marketing Cube, Angel Investor

Fyxer AI's email drafting is so nuanced, it feels like I’ve written them and picked the calendar time.

Derek Sather

Derek Sather

Chief Commercial Officer, Winning By Design

Fyxer AI now allows me to personally reply to emails in my authentic style 90% quicker than before. I’ve now roll it out across my organization.

Amelia Christie Miller

Amelia Christie Miller

CEO & Founder at BoldBean Co

The simplicity of the sign up process impressed me—two clicks and it was ready, organizing my inbox and drafting replies without needing any help.

Tabitha Goldstaub

Tabitha Goldstaub

Director of Innovate Cambridge, MBE

Juggling 80+ emails and constant meetings everyday, used to spread me thin. With Fyxer AI, I can reclaim control and shift my energy to what truly matters.

Organize your inbox

Fyxer AI categorises your emails, sorting them into designated folders. It highlights emails needing your attention or response and identifies those that can be deprioritised.

An image of an email inbox with emails triaged into the following categories: 'To respond', 'FYI' and 'Notification'.

Emails drafted for you

Fyxer AI identifies emails that require a response, searches through your conversation history for context and tone, and drafts a response ready for your review. Rest assured, it can't send emails without your explicit action.

An image of an automated draft reply to an email. The AI draft reply reads: 'Hi Matt,

Yes, sounds like something we should catch up on.

I’m free tomorrow 4pm or else Monday morning 10-11:30.


Meetings scheduled

When a meeting request comes in, Fyxer AI evaluates its importance to you, finds a suitable time slot in your calendar, and drafts an invitation.

The image shows a calendar which has been automatically scheduled using AI. One meeting has been moved to accomodate a more important one, and the AI has left travel time either side of an in person meeting.

We integrate with the tools you use every day

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Your emails are secure

The Fyxer AI team has 10 years of experience working in this space. We understand how important customers' inboxes are to them. And have built the product with security at the forefront of everything we do.