Get two hours back every day

Fyxer AI - your intelligent executive assistant. From scheduling meetings to organizing your inbox and drafting responses, Fyxer AI empowers you to accomplish more.

Tabitha Goldstaub

Tabitha Goldstaub

Exec Director, MBE

Juggling 80+ emails and constant meetings everyday, used to spread me thin. With Fyxer AI, I can reclaim control and shift my energy to what truly matters.

Tom Valentine

Tom Valentine

Founder, Secret Escapes

As a CEO, I've always seen the immense value of an Executive Assistant. With Fyxer AI, I can finally offer that same value to my team, affordably.

Gabriela Altamirano

Gabriela Altamirano

Executive Assistant

Fyxer AI is incredible, giving me back invaluable time so I can focus on higher-value parts of my role.

Andrew Richardson

Andrew Richardson

Managing Partner, Foundation Partners

I didn't think I'd use automatic responses, but I'm one morning in and don't think I can live without them.

Gina Payne

Gina Payne

EA, former Goldman Sachs

Exceptionally useful for EA's and so simple. You don't need to remember to use it.

Rich Serunjogi

Rich Serunjogi

CEO Bank GPT / YC Founder

I've used FYXER for years with my Y Combinator backed fintech. Fyxer AI now allows me to personally reply to emails in my authentic style 90% quicker than before.

Stay organised, stay focused

Fyxer AI cleans your inbox daily and helps you draft emails.

Prioritise your diary

Fyxer AI finds optimal times, prioritising who matters most.

Always with you

Fyxer AI takes notes and insights, so nothing slips.

Custom to you

Fyxer AI remembers preferences, supporting tasks like research and delegation.

We integrate with the tools you use every day

GmailOutlookZoomSlackMicrosoft TeamsGoogle MeetGoogle Calendar


Your privacy and security are paramount. Fyxer AI complies with all regulations.

Well trained

Informed by nearly 10 years of in-house elite assistant experience and data, for quality assurance.


Ensuring maximum quality responses. Your reputation is key, and Fyxer AI is designed to deliver.


Shape your Fyxer AI Assistant's behavior to reflect your organization's culture and tone.